Square Black Internal Chair Tips - All Flooring - Australian Made - Flat Base

Size: Internal 10mm - S099


Square Internal tips easily Inserts into the bottom of your chair or your desired object to protect your floors from scratches and lower the noise down. 

They are made from a high tensile non-toxic plastic that are super durable.



  • Australian made
  • Long Lasting Material 
  • Easy To Install
  • Built For Our Conditions


S099 Internal = 10mm   |   External = 14x14mm

S100 Internal = 12-13mm   |  External = 15x15mm

S101 Internal = 15-17mm   |  External = 20x20mm

S103 Internal = 18-20mm   |  External = 22x22mm

S105 Internal = 22-24mm   |  External = 25x25mm

S106 Internal = 28-30mm   |  External = 32x32mm

S107 Internal = 32-35mm   |  External = 38x38mm

S108 Internal = 45-48mm   |  External = 50x50mm


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