About Us


Chair Tips Australia was founded by Michael Cooper approximately 7 years ago due to increasing amounts of commercial enquiries from clients wishing to maintain their newly acquired furniture.

As Michael has been selling furniture for the last 30 years he understands the importance of protecting their investments.

Due to recent Health and Safety Awareness campaigns and legislation, enquiry and order rate has increased dramatically, not just from his existing client base but from engineering and maintenance departments all over Australia.

Problems & Solutions

Sourcing the right size replacement chair feet and chair tips in large quantities was an issue for many businesses, as most retail outlets do not stock a wide range of of styles of chair feet and table feet.

Even if they have the right style of chair foot or table foot in stock, businesses often require bulk replacement chair feet, table protector or adjustable chair feet quantities, which had to be ordered in specially and could take quite some time.

Chair Tips Australia was established to fill this void in the market place.