Are you in need of chair leg protectors? If so, you might have come across ChairTipsAustralia & ChairCapsAustralia while searching online. These two businesses both offer all your furniture protection needs, but they cater to different markets and have some key differences.

For business clients, we at ChairTipsAustralia specialise in providing chair leg protectors. We have a wide range of chair leg protectors and table leg protectors, with choices for bulk orders, that are ideal for workplaces such as offices, schools, hospitals, and aged care facilities as well as for dining establishments like restaurants and hotels. Additionally, we provide a wide selection of self-leveling table tips and table leg protection. Furthermore, ChairTipsAustralia is better able to handle commercial orders and enquiries regarding bulk orders since we apply specialised technology and have a skilled and experienced team dedicated to managing commercial enquires.

For the local market, ChairCapsAustralia also offers chair leg coverings. They provide a vast selection of chair leg protectors in various sizes, colours, and materials to accommodate a variety of chair leg styles. Their chair leg protectors are ideal for usage in residences such as houses, apartments, and other internal arrangements. ChairCapsAustralia also offers a simplistic website layout for easier and faster product discovery, effectively helping a user discover the right product with less on screen information- very user friendly. For all domestic enquiries, ChairCapsAustralia offers efficient and effective communication abilities more suited to the general public.

So, ChairCapsAustralia might be the best option for you if you require chair leg protectors for your home. However, ChairTipsAustralia might be a better option if you require more chair leg protection or need them for a commercial situation. Regardless of who you contact, we both will be of every assistance.