Round Hybrid Silicone Compacted Felt Tips - The Felt Is Infused Into The Silicone - All Sizes Reduced $2.50

Size: 25mm - C002F


The super stretchy silicone allows for an easy and tight fit replacing your old felt stickers that only last a few days. 


The external felt tips are super strong and the felt is built into the silicone to make sure they won’t fall off after a few dinners.


  • Replace Nasty Old Felt Stickers
  • Gives The Chair Easy Mobility
  • Prevent Scratches On Your Floors
  • Reduces Chair Noise
  • Easy To Install


Flooring used for: Hard Wood Floors, Tiles or Vinyl 
Furniture used for: Round legs

Sizing Notes***
When choosing your size, please measure the diameter of your chair and choose the size accordingly


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