Gecko Slip Over Caps - Designed For Table Feet Or Disc Based Chair Legs - Smooth Surfaces

Size: 22-25mm - TG12CAPCT


Designed and created with the most durable material, Our Gecko Tips are the leading tip in the commercial market!  

Used in Aged Care homes across Australia helping the elderly easily get in and out of their furniture 


  • Enables Chairs / Tables To Glide Easily 
  • Heavily Reduces Loud Chair Noises 
  • Can Be Installed In Seconds 
  • Commercial Grade Quality 

See How They Work:  

Flooring Used For: 

Vinyl, Tiles, Carpet, Decks.. (For hardwood timber floors use a felt option) 

*Hardwood / Wooden Floors please use our Felt Range! Click Here To See

Furniture Used For:

  • Table Tips 
  • Based Chairs
  • Anything With A Circular Base




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