Clear Hybrid Silicone Round Chair Tip - New Formula! - SMCT

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Title: 16mm - C005SMCT
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Our Hybrid Silicone Tip is designed with heavy duty silicone with a long lasting material to ensure they won't ware out quickly. The SMCT range is designed to be slim and have a much better look on the chair.


This tip can be installed in seconds and will stop your chairs from scratching your floors and reduce chair noise.


  • Heavy Duty Silicone
  • Provides Anti-Slip
  • Prevent scratching on floors
  • Reduces chair noise
  • Slips externally over chair legs
  • can mould to different sizes or shaped legs 
  • Longest lasting material on the market 
  • Provide floor protection


Flooring used for: All purpose, outdoor recommended


Furniture used for: Chairs, tables or any round Leg

*For Indoor use and easy mobility while sliding your chairs we recommended our Gecko Range! Click Here To See

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