11-13mm Compact Bonded Felt Sled Tip - Best For Timber Floors - VAR23BFCT

Size: 10-13mm
Amount: 1
$2.50 $3


Sick of your old standard tips that keep breaking & marking your floors? 

This wool blended felt infused tips offer the best floor protection with the best noise reduction sled tips could offer. 


  • Enables Chair To Glide Easily 
  • Heavily Reduces Loud Chair Noises 
  • Can Be Installed In Seconds 
  • Commercial Grade Quality
  • Felt Is Infused To The Nylon (Won’t Fall Off) 


Vinyl, Tiles, Carpet, Decks.. (For hardwood timber floors use a felt option)  


Can be used on any type of furniture as long as it has somewhere to securely screw into. 

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