Sled Base Compacted Felt Chair Tip Protectors - Perfect For Wooden Floors - VARFCT

Title: 10-12mm - VAR50FCT


These offer complete noise reduction plus the ability to slide your chairs without your floors scratching or marking.

  • Designed For Smooth Surface Floors 
  • Timber, Tiles, Vinyl, ETC
  • Protects Your Sled Chairs From Scratching Your Floors 
  • Mutes Chair Noise 
  • Floor Protection

Watch our video to see how to properly install these tips!

*Place a piece of paper on the floor then you chair on that. Draw a line either side and measure that across for a rough size guide

* See sizing info down below
For best measurement results please measure the tube circumference using a soft tape measure or piece of ribbon and then click here to find out the diameter of glide you need. ( simply type the circumference in the box and click solve others. It will then show you the diameter). the diameter is equivalent to these sizes

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