Reduce Chair Noise And Stop Scratching Your Floors - Chair & Table Tips
We have all been to venue or someones home trying to enjoy a nice conversation only to be interrupted by a screeching “Errchh” noise as fellow patrons screech their chairs back across the floor to get up.
Now this is where we come in to help with our Gecko Tip Range! Now don't think that these are the same as the cheap plastic ones you get from the hardware stores, these are made from a tough and long lasting material called teflon.
The Gecko Tips biggest feature is giving your chair the ability to glide effortlessly witch means less stress on furniture joints and in turn reducing floor and furniture maintenance, also ensuring that the noise level is kept to a minimum.
Here is a review we had from the Byron bay hotel located in Byron Bay, NSW.
"We have installed the easy glide chair tips to all our bar chairs and sofas where we have a polished wooden floor. The success of the easy glide tips has been measured by our guest comments about how easy it is to
move a chair to another table and our staff and contract cleaners when they need to move the chairs and sofas for cleaning. They also meet the requirements of the OH&S committee who were concerned that a staff member may be injured whilst trying to move the heavy sofas. Now they are a breeze for one person to move"
Installing Gecko Tips can increase the life of your flooring and decrease the amount of maintenance required.
“As a local RSL club from a maintenance point of view , they were
easy to apply and took me 90 min for 500 chairs, they were instantly easier to move and reduced the noise significantly, we have had a few maintenance inspections since using chair tips and it has defiantly decreased the time spent on floor protection”