38mm Gecko Chair Glide - Best Floor Protection - TG13SRCT

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Title: TG13SRCT
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Designed and created with the most durable material on the market, the Gecko range will not disappoint!

With a Teflon base, this foot provides a smooth sliding finish on all floorings… even carpet!

This product is especially popular in Aged Care and Hospitals as it allows for mobility while patients are still seated in the chairs.

Easy Installation (check out our videos)
Protects floors from scratches
Reduces chair noise
Glides easily when moving (even while occupied)
Screws are included!

Flooring used for: Vinyl, Tiles, Carpet, Decks.. All smooth surfaces

Furniture used for: Can be used on any piece of furniture that can be screwed into. Watch our video for reference :)

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