Gecko Stickers - Designed To Move Large Tables And Gaming Stools - Sticks Onto Anything

Title: 38mm - TG13SRS
$2.50 $2.80


Designed and created with the most durable material on the market to ensure these are built to last, the Gecko range will not disappoint you! 


These Gecko stickers can be used on anything with a flat surface the sticker can adhere too. Makes your annoying and heavy furniture able to be moved with no hassle.


  • Can stick on anything - Fridges, Cabinets, Desks, Chairs!
  • Facilitates movement to heavy furniture
  • Longer lasting than felt stick on products
  • Long lasting Teflon material


Flooring used for: Vinyl, Tiles, Carpet, All smooth surfaces 


Furniture used for: Can be used on any type of furniture as long as you can screw into the bottom of them

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