8mm Self Levelling Table Tip - Stop Using Drink Coasters

Title: 8mm - TS07BCT


Stop your tables from wobbling and get your tables level

This adjustable swivel foot is super easy to install and once they are it will self adjust making your table super stable.

You will never need to use a drink coaster again to level your table.

The long thread helps you adjust all your tables to be the same height and also correct them on uneven flooring. The large base also helps as it gives the table more with to balance on.

Made from high quality materials to ensure these will last the stand of time.

  • Keeps table level
  • Long lasting durable material 
  • Wide base for extra stabilisation 
  • Used on uneven surfaces 


Can be used on any flooring

Ring For Bulk Orders and Quotes On: 0411223066

Thread size: 8mm  - Base Width: 50mm


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