M8 Square Threaded Tube Internal Adaptor - Used For Tubed Metal - Stop Wobbly Tables

Title: 25x25mm External (22mm Internal)


Our threaded tube inserts allows you to use table feet on your dry bars or metal legged dining tables.

After gently tapping the nylon insert into your hollow square leg the specially designed ribs grip tightly grip onto the inside of the tubular leg ensuring these won't fall out.

Once installed you are now able to screw in your desired table tips to keep your floors protected and offering your table to slide a little easier.


Click this link to find all our 8mm suitable table tips 


 Sizing Information:

25x25mm External - 22x22mm Internal - 8mm Thread Size

30x30mm External - 25-28mm Internal - 8mm Thread Size

35x35mm External - 28-30mm Internal - 8mm Thread Size

40x40mm External - 35-38mm Internal - 8mm Thread Size

50x50mm External - 45-48mm Internal - 8mm Thread Size

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